Friday, August 3, 2012

Chapter 4-Sticky Situation

We need Gatorade Mia quickly typed back a response to Zac’s text message as she was on her way back to Kayla’s dorm. Pulling back into the parking lot of Villanova University’s residence halls for the second time that evening, she sighed. Checking in once again at the front desk, Mia walked down the hall to Kayla’s dorm room and hoped she was still awake. “Oh God,” Kayla moaned as Harry removed her tank top and kissed his way over her chest. “You taste so good, baby,” he whispered as he undid the straps of her bra. Kayla tugged the hoodie over his head and grabbed his hair as she kissed him while he massaged her breasts in his hands. Kayla moaned into the kiss as he reached his hands in her shorts that she was wearing. She gasped as he rubbed her slit with his fingers. “Fuck,” she gasped as he worked her with his fingers. Harry bit down on her neck and she screamed as she came on his hand. Harry immediately pushed his lips to hers and Kayla pushed him back onto the bed and ground her hips into his. “Are you fucking kidding me,” Harry asked as there was another knock at the door. “You stay here” Kayla smirked as she kissed him and pulled the blanket over his boxers. She pulled her tank top back over her head and walked towards the door. “Hey,” Mia smiled slightly as Kayla opened the door. “Is this a bad time,” she asked when she saw Kayla’s messed up hair. “As long as you don’t mind Harry being here, then no it’s fine.” Mia sighed as she entered the room, “Hi Harry.” Harry sat on the bed reading a magazine and waved to her. “What’s up, Mia?” “Not much, how are you?” “I’m doing really great,” Harry smirked as Kayla sat down in his lap and he wrapped his arms around her waist as she curled into him. “Kayla, look, I’m sorry about yelling at you earlier. I was just pissed, Zac and I got into a fight and I took it out on you. It has been a really rough day and I am sorry for overreacting about everything, I was so mad at Zac that I took it out on you.” Kayla reached forward and hugged Mia, “I’m sorry too,” she said as Mia wiped the tears away from her eyes. “…But Mia, you only know what the internet tells you about Harry.” “You only know what the internet tells you about Zac,” Mia replied. “Look if you two are dating or whatever it is that you are doing. People are going to lie and spread rumors about your relationship. It’s been like that with Zac and me since he was in juniors. You got to learn to ignore it and focus on your relationship.” Kayla sighed, “You’re right, I’m sorry. I’ll make you a deal; I’ll lay off of Zac if you lay off of Harry.” Harry wrapped his arm back around Kayla’s waist and she pulled her feet up in his lap. Sighing, Mia looked at the sight before her, “I’ll leave you two alone. Zac needs Gatorade and I left him in charge of dinner.” “He might burn the house down.” “Kayla,” Mia said and Kayla smiled. “Sorry.” Harry bit down on Kayla’s shoulder and she giggled. Mia rolled her eyes and grabbed her keys off of the desk, “I’ll call you tomorrow.” Mia shut the door behind her, “Now, where were we,” Harry smirked as Kayla pulled her tank top over her head and straddled his waist. Mia drove home and stopped at a drug store to buy Zac enough Gatorade for a couple of days until she went grocery shopping. When Mia got home, Zac was sitting at the kitchen counter pouting. “What are you doing,” she asked. “I’m really not in the mood for Chinese,” he replied. “Can you cook? Please?” “Zac,” she sighed looking at the clock. “It’s nine o’clock.” “I will give you a massage for however long it takes you to make dinner. Please, baby, I’m starving.” “Fine, but you better hold up your end of the deal.” Zac leaned forward and kissed her, “Deal,” he smiled. “I love you.” “I love you too,” he said before he stood up from the stool and wrapped his arms around her waist. She closed her eyes as he held her close to him and she finally felt good about their relationship for the first time in a while. “I don’t think we have anything in the freezer but chicken,” Mia replied pulling away. “There’s spaghetti and sauce in the cabinet, want chicken parmesan?” “Ool,” Zac smiled, “That sounds so good. You haven’t made that in a while.” “Go play xBox or do something and it’ll be ready soon.” Zac kissed her cheek and grabbed a Gatorade from the bag before he sat down on the couch and turned on a movie. Mia looked at the clock and set the stopwatch on her phone to time how long it took her. Zac laughed at something ridiculous in the movie that he was watching and Mia went back to cooking. When Mia was finished, she turned off the clock and smirked at Zac. “Dinner took one hour to cook, so when I’m done doing the dishes, you owe me a one hour massage.” Zac came into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around her waist, “I’m tired, baby.” “Oh no, mister,” Mia said turning in his arms. “You promised.” Zac smirked, “Let’s have sex instead.” “Massage then sex.” “Fine,” he huffed before sitting down at the table where Mia had his dinner waiting for him. Mia sat down across from him and they both ate in silence. Zac looked up from his plate and smiled at Mia as she took a drink of her water. When they were done eating, Mia took his plate to the kitchen and ran water before she sat the dishes in it. She was going to do them in the morning before she went to get her hair done for her costume. Zac told her he would meet her upstairs and Mia wiped down the table before she shut the lights off downstairs. Zac was sitting in the middle of the bed and Mia pulled her t-shirt over her head before she laid down flat next to him. “Massage time starts now,” she smiled and Zac crawled over her and sat down on her lower back gently. He cracked his knuckles and worked her shoulders before moving down her spine. “Oh God,” she moaned into the pillow and Zac groaned. “Right there, that feels so good.” “Keep it up and I’ll flip you over and have my way with you.” “I don’t think so, you still have 50 minutes.” Zac unclasped her bra and ran his hands down to her lower back and over her hips. “That is amazing,” she moaned once again as his rough hands ghosted up over her back. “Baby, stop it,” he warned as he leaned down and kissed along her neck. “I swear to God, I will kill you in your sleep if you don’t finish the massage you promised me.” Zac stood up and pulled her yoga pants from her body and rubbed his hands over her thighs. Mia cleared her throat when his hands began inching their way between her legs. “Oh no, you don’t,” she said closing his hand between her thighs. “Less groping, more massaging.” “I am ready to come in my shorts. All of your moaning has me so fucking horny that I swear to God, I am ready to rape you.” Mia laughed, “Rape, really Zac?” “You won’t fuck me willingly, so I have to take what I want.” “You just talked for five minutes, so that’s another five minutes you got to rub.” “Mia,” he whined. “No rub, no love.” “Fine,” he groaned as he sat back down on her lower back and spread her arms out on the bed. He worked her shoulders and her neck. Mia fell silent and Zac felt her breathing even out. Zac smiled as he worked his way back over her thighs. “Can we stop now and fuck?” “I don’t think so,” she whispered. “Rub my back.” “I thought you were sleeping.” “I’m not sleeping, just really relaxed.” Zac smiled and before he knew it, his time was up. “Ok, I’m done. Time to fuck.” “I don’t think so,” Mia said turning over. “I’m tired and I have a headache.” “Mia,” he groaned. “That’s not fair.” “I owe you one, just let me sleep.” “Fine,” Zac agreed. “Goodnight, baby.” “Goodnight,” she said turning over to give him a kiss. “I have a boner by the way,” he whispered. “Who cares,” Mia said. “Take a cold shower.” “Mia,” he pouted. “That is so not fair.” “Goodnight, Zac.” “Goodnight,” he said kissing her neck and wrapping his arm around her waist. “I love you.” “I love you too,” she whispered before she fell asleep pushing the day from hell to the back of her mind. The next night was the Halloween party at Danny Briere’s house. His kids were with their mom for the weekend, that’s why he was hosting the party. Mia was almost dressed when Zac came into the bathroom wearing just his jeans. “Whoa,” he said as he looked at the black dress she was wearing that was cut all the way down her stomach and had a hoop holding her boobs in. “What happened to the gold dress?” “It was too slutty,” she replied as she applied the bronzer to her face and neck. “Too slutty,” he smirked as he looked at her breasts in the mirror. “I feel more secure in this dress, it’s not sequined like the other one was.” “Where’s my costume?” “Sit down on the counter and I’ll go get it. I have to do your hair anyway.” Zac raised an eyebrow at her as she walked out of the bathroom and he watched her ass in the tight dress she was wearing. Mia returned with a large shopping bag and grabbed her hair gel from behind Zac. She was now wearing her high heels so she was eye to eye with Zac and he smiled down at her. “I fucking love that outfit.” Mia pulled his hair straight up and sprayed it in place. She grabbed the Nike headband from the bag and pulled it around his head. “The jeans aren’t tight enough,” she said as she looked down at the jeans Zac was wearing. “I pulled out the ones I want you to wear. Put the jeans on and don’t ask any questions when you get back in here.” Zac nodded his head and went into the bedroom where he pulled the jeans over his legs. He zipped the jacket and walked back into the bathroom. Mia handed him his sunglasses and Zac looked at the final product of the two of them in the mirror. “You’re Snooki,” he said. “And I’m Pauly D.” “Yup,” Mia smirked as she grabbed her phone. “Let’s take a picture.” Zac stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist as they posed in the mirror. “Send that to me, I’m tweeting it.” “Ok,” Mia smiled as she sent it to his phone. When they arrived at the party, most of the guys were there. Danny was an elf, Claude was a vampire, Max was a pimp, Sean was Peter Pan, Bryz was a globe, and his wife was a star. Luke Schenn was Captain Jack Sparrow and Brayden was Prince Charming, while Matt Read and his girlfriend Erin were Mickey and Minnie Mouse. “Oh my God,” Claude said as Zac and Mia walked in. “You guys look so good.” Zac wore an Italia jacket zipped and Mia of course was in the dress that Zac had saw her in earlier. “That is a great costume,” Danny said. “You guys look great.” Mia and Zac were standing talking to Matt Read and Erin and having a drink when Kayla and Harry walked in. Kayla was Little Red Riding Hood and Harry was the wolf, “You have got to be fucking kidding me,” Zac replied as he looked at Harry kiss Kayla. Brayden stood in the corner and glared at Harry and Kayla. He gulped loudly as he saw Kayla’s little red riding hood costume. “Hey Schenner, if you are going to get a boner, go sit somewhere else,” Claude said as Brayden shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “Shut the fuck up,” he snapped. “Sorry bro,” Claude replied. “Maybe you should just tell her you like her.” “Yeah right,” Brayden said. “I can’t just do that to another man’s girlfriend. That is fucked up.” “When the fuck did they get together,” Zac asked Mia as she looked at Kayla’s costume and suddenly didn’t feel as slutty as she did. “I have no idea,” Mia replied. “What’s up little red riding whore,” Zac asked as Kayla approached them with Harry. “Not much, what’s up DJ Pauly STD,” she asked and Mia glared at her. “He started it, Mia,” Kayla said and Mia rolled her eyes. “I was just minding my own business.” “But not your own vagina.” Zac mumbled and Mia elbowed him in the side. Kayla was in the kitchen getting a drink when Wayne Simmonds walked in. Kayla turned around and did a double take. “A milli, a milli, a milli,” she sang and Wayne smiled. “Wow, I’m surprised you figured it out,” he said. “I knew right away who you were, you look just like him. I love it.” “Thank you,” he said. Kayla ran out of the kitchen and grabbed Zac’s hand and pulled him towards the kitchen. “Ow whore, where are you taking me,” he asked. “I wish I could say to your death but I’m taking you to the kitchen, so you can see Wayne’s costume.” “Holy shit,” Zac said as he shook Wayne’s hand. “That is spot on.” Zac’s phone vibrated in his pocket and he pulled it out. Come upstairs ;) “I gotta piss, I’ll be right back.” Zac walked up the stairs that led to Danny’s upstairs from the hallway by the kitchen and was pulled into a bedroom. “I told you that I’d owe you,” Mia said pushing him against the wall and Zac smirked as his lips claimed hers. “Whose room is this?” “It’s a guest room,” she replied as she unzipped his jacket and ran her hands over his chest. Zac lifted her so that her legs were around his waist and carried her over to the bed. He undid the hoop that was keeping her breasts inside of her dress and slid the dress up her legs. He undid his belt and let his pants fall to his ankles. Mia gasped as Zac thrusted into her. “FUCK,” she screamed as he began pounding into her. “Damn, baby,” he said biting down on her neck. “You feel so good.” “Harder,” she begged and Zac picked up his pace. “ZAC,” she screamed. “Oh God.” “FUCK MIA,” he moaned as she clenched around him and he spilled himself inside of her. “God, baby.” Mia smirked as he stood up and pulled his pants back around his ankles. Mia fixed her dress and ran her hands through her now flat hair. “Now you’re J-Woww,” he smirked as he kissed her and grabbed her hand. Kayla was coming out of the bathroom and looked at the two of them. “Did you two just fuck in an eleven year old’s bedroom?” “Wait…what,” Zac asked. “I hung out over here with Brayden and Sean once, that’s Cameron’s room,” Kayla said. “OH MY GOD, DANNY!” “What,” Danny asked as he walked up the steps. “Zac and Mia just fucked in Cameron’s bedroom.” “You have got to be kidding me,” Danny said as he entered his son’s room. Mia blushed and Zac gripped her hand tighter. “Danny,” Mia said. “I’m sorry, I thought it was a guest room. It was an honest mistake, I am so sorry.” Danny looked at Mia who looked like she was ready to cry, “It’s alright, Mia.” Danny pulled the sheets off tossed them onto the floor. “Let’s go downstairs,” Zac said as they walked down the steps. “It’s alright, baby, don’t worry about it.” “I am so embarrassed,” Mia replied as they went back to the party. Kayla stood across the room and stared at Brayden as Harry talked to Matt and Wayne about the game from the night before. Brayden went outside on the patio and Kayla stood up. Opening the patio door, she silently closed it behind her and walked up next to Brayden. “Hey,” she said. “Why have you been ignoring me?” Brayden just stared out into the night and didn’t say anything. “Come on, Brayden, please say something. I like your costume, you look really great in it. It suits you, you know you’re cute and really sweet. Any girl would be lucky to have you.” Brayden ignored her and she sighed before walking back into the house. Brayden heard the door slam and he closed his eyes before taking a deep breath. “Fuck,” he said slamming his fist down on the wooden railing. He went back into the house and looked around the party for Kayla but he didn’t see her or Harry anywhere. “Dude, what’s wrong,” Luke asked his brother. “Have you seen Kayla?” “She left with Harry about two minutes ago,” Claude replied. “What did you do?” “I ignored her when she tried talking to me and I feel like shit.” “You like her, don’t you,” Luke asked. “I don’t like her,” Brayden lied. “Dude, you totally do or else you wouldn’t be all pissy right now wondering where she went with Zolnierczyk,” Claude said. “I gotta call her,” Brayden said pulling out his phone. “I don’t know what to say.” “We’ll talk you through it,” Claude replied. “Just take a deep breath.” Kayla moaned as she rode Harry in the front seat of her car on the secluded rode going back to Philadelphia from New Jersey. Her phone was ringing inside of her purse but she didn’t hear it as Harry groaned every time he bottomed out inside of her. “God, Harry,” she moaned as he reached between them and ran his fingers over her slit. “God, that feels so fucking good.” Harry sat up and took her breasts in his mouth and held her close to him as they both reached their peaks. Kayla collapsed on top of him and they made out like two horny teenagers as they waited to recover so they could go another round. “Hey, you’ve reached Kayla, sorry I can’t answer the phone right now. Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Bye.” “Kayla, it’s me,” Brayden said. “Look, I’m sorry for being an asshole.” Claude gave him a thumbs up, “It’s just I really like you and I’m pissed that Harry got to you before I even had the chance to tell you how I felt. I’m upset you’re not available anymore because I really, really like you. Please call me whenever you get this and talk to me. I’m so sorry. Anyways, have a goodnight.” “I’m proud of you,” Luke said. “She’ll call back.” “If she doesn’t, it’s her loss, not yours,” Claude said and Brayden thanked his brother and his friend for the advice. The ball was in Kayla’s court, it was up to her to capitalize on the opportunity because Brayden was done trying.

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