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Chapter 4-Sticky Situation

We need Gatorade Mia quickly typed back a response to Zac’s text message as she was on her way back to Kayla’s dorm. Pulling back into the parking lot of Villanova University’s residence halls for the second time that evening, she sighed. Checking in once again at the front desk, Mia walked down the hall to Kayla’s dorm room and hoped she was still awake. “Oh God,” Kayla moaned as Harry removed her tank top and kissed his way over her chest. “You taste so good, baby,” he whispered as he undid the straps of her bra. Kayla tugged the hoodie over his head and grabbed his hair as she kissed him while he massaged her breasts in his hands. Kayla moaned into the kiss as he reached his hands in her shorts that she was wearing. She gasped as he rubbed her slit with his fingers. “Fuck,” she gasped as he worked her with his fingers. Harry bit down on her neck and she screamed as she came on his hand. Harry immediately pushed his lips to hers and Kayla pushed him back onto the bed and ground her hips into his. “Are you fucking kidding me,” Harry asked as there was another knock at the door. “You stay here” Kayla smirked as she kissed him and pulled the blanket over his boxers. She pulled her tank top back over her head and walked towards the door. “Hey,” Mia smiled slightly as Kayla opened the door. “Is this a bad time,” she asked when she saw Kayla’s messed up hair. “As long as you don’t mind Harry being here, then no it’s fine.” Mia sighed as she entered the room, “Hi Harry.” Harry sat on the bed reading a magazine and waved to her. “What’s up, Mia?” “Not much, how are you?” “I’m doing really great,” Harry smirked as Kayla sat down in his lap and he wrapped his arms around her waist as she curled into him. “Kayla, look, I’m sorry about yelling at you earlier. I was just pissed, Zac and I got into a fight and I took it out on you. It has been a really rough day and I am sorry for overreacting about everything, I was so mad at Zac that I took it out on you.” Kayla reached forward and hugged Mia, “I’m sorry too,” she said as Mia wiped the tears away from her eyes. “…But Mia, you only know what the internet tells you about Harry.” “You only know what the internet tells you about Zac,” Mia replied. “Look if you two are dating or whatever it is that you are doing. People are going to lie and spread rumors about your relationship. It’s been like that with Zac and me since he was in juniors. You got to learn to ignore it and focus on your relationship.” Kayla sighed, “You’re right, I’m sorry. I’ll make you a deal; I’ll lay off of Zac if you lay off of Harry.” Harry wrapped his arm back around Kayla’s waist and she pulled her feet up in his lap. Sighing, Mia looked at the sight before her, “I’ll leave you two alone. Zac needs Gatorade and I left him in charge of dinner.” “He might burn the house down.” “Kayla,” Mia said and Kayla smiled. “Sorry.” Harry bit down on Kayla’s shoulder and she giggled. Mia rolled her eyes and grabbed her keys off of the desk, “I’ll call you tomorrow.” Mia shut the door behind her, “Now, where were we,” Harry smirked as Kayla pulled her tank top over her head and straddled his waist. Mia drove home and stopped at a drug store to buy Zac enough Gatorade for a couple of days until she went grocery shopping. When Mia got home, Zac was sitting at the kitchen counter pouting. “What are you doing,” she asked. “I’m really not in the mood for Chinese,” he replied. “Can you cook? Please?” “Zac,” she sighed looking at the clock. “It’s nine o’clock.” “I will give you a massage for however long it takes you to make dinner. Please, baby, I’m starving.” “Fine, but you better hold up your end of the deal.” Zac leaned forward and kissed her, “Deal,” he smiled. “I love you.” “I love you too,” he said before he stood up from the stool and wrapped his arms around her waist. She closed her eyes as he held her close to him and she finally felt good about their relationship for the first time in a while. “I don’t think we have anything in the freezer but chicken,” Mia replied pulling away. “There’s spaghetti and sauce in the cabinet, want chicken parmesan?” “Ool,” Zac smiled, “That sounds so good. You haven’t made that in a while.” “Go play xBox or do something and it’ll be ready soon.” Zac kissed her cheek and grabbed a Gatorade from the bag before he sat down on the couch and turned on a movie. Mia looked at the clock and set the stopwatch on her phone to time how long it took her. Zac laughed at something ridiculous in the movie that he was watching and Mia went back to cooking. When Mia was finished, she turned off the clock and smirked at Zac. “Dinner took one hour to cook, so when I’m done doing the dishes, you owe me a one hour massage.” Zac came into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around her waist, “I’m tired, baby.” “Oh no, mister,” Mia said turning in his arms. “You promised.” Zac smirked, “Let’s have sex instead.” “Massage then sex.” “Fine,” he huffed before sitting down at the table where Mia had his dinner waiting for him. Mia sat down across from him and they both ate in silence. Zac looked up from his plate and smiled at Mia as she took a drink of her water. When they were done eating, Mia took his plate to the kitchen and ran water before she sat the dishes in it. She was going to do them in the morning before she went to get her hair done for her costume. Zac told her he would meet her upstairs and Mia wiped down the table before she shut the lights off downstairs. Zac was sitting in the middle of the bed and Mia pulled her t-shirt over her head before she laid down flat next to him. “Massage time starts now,” she smiled and Zac crawled over her and sat down on her lower back gently. He cracked his knuckles and worked her shoulders before moving down her spine. “Oh God,” she moaned into the pillow and Zac groaned. “Right there, that feels so good.” “Keep it up and I’ll flip you over and have my way with you.” “I don’t think so, you still have 50 minutes.” Zac unclasped her bra and ran his hands down to her lower back and over her hips. “That is amazing,” she moaned once again as his rough hands ghosted up over her back. “Baby, stop it,” he warned as he leaned down and kissed along her neck. “I swear to God, I will kill you in your sleep if you don’t finish the massage you promised me.” Zac stood up and pulled her yoga pants from her body and rubbed his hands over her thighs. Mia cleared her throat when his hands began inching their way between her legs. “Oh no, you don’t,” she said closing his hand between her thighs. “Less groping, more massaging.” “I am ready to come in my shorts. All of your moaning has me so fucking horny that I swear to God, I am ready to rape you.” Mia laughed, “Rape, really Zac?” “You won’t fuck me willingly, so I have to take what I want.” “You just talked for five minutes, so that’s another five minutes you got to rub.” “Mia,” he whined. “No rub, no love.” “Fine,” he groaned as he sat back down on her lower back and spread her arms out on the bed. He worked her shoulders and her neck. Mia fell silent and Zac felt her breathing even out. Zac smiled as he worked his way back over her thighs. “Can we stop now and fuck?” “I don’t think so,” she whispered. “Rub my back.” “I thought you were sleeping.” “I’m not sleeping, just really relaxed.” Zac smiled and before he knew it, his time was up. “Ok, I’m done. Time to fuck.” “I don’t think so,” Mia said turning over. “I’m tired and I have a headache.” “Mia,” he groaned. “That’s not fair.” “I owe you one, just let me sleep.” “Fine,” Zac agreed. “Goodnight, baby.” “Goodnight,” she said turning over to give him a kiss. “I have a boner by the way,” he whispered. “Who cares,” Mia said. “Take a cold shower.” “Mia,” he pouted. “That is so not fair.” “Goodnight, Zac.” “Goodnight,” he said kissing her neck and wrapping his arm around her waist. “I love you.” “I love you too,” she whispered before she fell asleep pushing the day from hell to the back of her mind. The next night was the Halloween party at Danny Briere’s house. His kids were with their mom for the weekend, that’s why he was hosting the party. Mia was almost dressed when Zac came into the bathroom wearing just his jeans. “Whoa,” he said as he looked at the black dress she was wearing that was cut all the way down her stomach and had a hoop holding her boobs in. “What happened to the gold dress?” “It was too slutty,” she replied as she applied the bronzer to her face and neck. “Too slutty,” he smirked as he looked at her breasts in the mirror. “I feel more secure in this dress, it’s not sequined like the other one was.” “Where’s my costume?” “Sit down on the counter and I’ll go get it. I have to do your hair anyway.” Zac raised an eyebrow at her as she walked out of the bathroom and he watched her ass in the tight dress she was wearing. Mia returned with a large shopping bag and grabbed her hair gel from behind Zac. She was now wearing her high heels so she was eye to eye with Zac and he smiled down at her. “I fucking love that outfit.” Mia pulled his hair straight up and sprayed it in place. She grabbed the Nike headband from the bag and pulled it around his head. “The jeans aren’t tight enough,” she said as she looked down at the jeans Zac was wearing. “I pulled out the ones I want you to wear. Put the jeans on and don’t ask any questions when you get back in here.” Zac nodded his head and went into the bedroom where he pulled the jeans over his legs. He zipped the jacket and walked back into the bathroom. Mia handed him his sunglasses and Zac looked at the final product of the two of them in the mirror. “You’re Snooki,” he said. “And I’m Pauly D.” “Yup,” Mia smirked as she grabbed her phone. “Let’s take a picture.” Zac stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist as they posed in the mirror. “Send that to me, I’m tweeting it.” “Ok,” Mia smiled as she sent it to his phone. When they arrived at the party, most of the guys were there. Danny was an elf, Claude was a vampire, Max was a pimp, Sean was Peter Pan, Bryz was a globe, and his wife was a star. Luke Schenn was Captain Jack Sparrow and Brayden was Prince Charming, while Matt Read and his girlfriend Erin were Mickey and Minnie Mouse. “Oh my God,” Claude said as Zac and Mia walked in. “You guys look so good.” Zac wore an Italia jacket zipped and Mia of course was in the dress that Zac had saw her in earlier. “That is a great costume,” Danny said. “You guys look great.” Mia and Zac were standing talking to Matt Read and Erin and having a drink when Kayla and Harry walked in. Kayla was Little Red Riding Hood and Harry was the wolf, “You have got to be fucking kidding me,” Zac replied as he looked at Harry kiss Kayla. Brayden stood in the corner and glared at Harry and Kayla. He gulped loudly as he saw Kayla’s little red riding hood costume. “Hey Schenner, if you are going to get a boner, go sit somewhere else,” Claude said as Brayden shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “Shut the fuck up,” he snapped. “Sorry bro,” Claude replied. “Maybe you should just tell her you like her.” “Yeah right,” Brayden said. “I can’t just do that to another man’s girlfriend. That is fucked up.” “When the fuck did they get together,” Zac asked Mia as she looked at Kayla’s costume and suddenly didn’t feel as slutty as she did. “I have no idea,” Mia replied. “What’s up little red riding whore,” Zac asked as Kayla approached them with Harry. “Not much, what’s up DJ Pauly STD,” she asked and Mia glared at her. “He started it, Mia,” Kayla said and Mia rolled her eyes. “I was just minding my own business.” “But not your own vagina.” Zac mumbled and Mia elbowed him in the side. Kayla was in the kitchen getting a drink when Wayne Simmonds walked in. Kayla turned around and did a double take. “A milli, a milli, a milli,” she sang and Wayne smiled. “Wow, I’m surprised you figured it out,” he said. “I knew right away who you were, you look just like him. I love it.” “Thank you,” he said. Kayla ran out of the kitchen and grabbed Zac’s hand and pulled him towards the kitchen. “Ow whore, where are you taking me,” he asked. “I wish I could say to your death but I’m taking you to the kitchen, so you can see Wayne’s costume.” “Holy shit,” Zac said as he shook Wayne’s hand. “That is spot on.” Zac’s phone vibrated in his pocket and he pulled it out. Come upstairs ;) “I gotta piss, I’ll be right back.” Zac walked up the stairs that led to Danny’s upstairs from the hallway by the kitchen and was pulled into a bedroom. “I told you that I’d owe you,” Mia said pushing him against the wall and Zac smirked as his lips claimed hers. “Whose room is this?” “It’s a guest room,” she replied as she unzipped his jacket and ran her hands over his chest. Zac lifted her so that her legs were around his waist and carried her over to the bed. He undid the hoop that was keeping her breasts inside of her dress and slid the dress up her legs. He undid his belt and let his pants fall to his ankles. Mia gasped as Zac thrusted into her. “FUCK,” she screamed as he began pounding into her. “Damn, baby,” he said biting down on her neck. “You feel so good.” “Harder,” she begged and Zac picked up his pace. “ZAC,” she screamed. “Oh God.” “FUCK MIA,” he moaned as she clenched around him and he spilled himself inside of her. “God, baby.” Mia smirked as he stood up and pulled his pants back around his ankles. Mia fixed her dress and ran her hands through her now flat hair. “Now you’re J-Woww,” he smirked as he kissed her and grabbed her hand. Kayla was coming out of the bathroom and looked at the two of them. “Did you two just fuck in an eleven year old’s bedroom?” “Wait…what,” Zac asked. “I hung out over here with Brayden and Sean once, that’s Cameron’s room,” Kayla said. “OH MY GOD, DANNY!” “What,” Danny asked as he walked up the steps. “Zac and Mia just fucked in Cameron’s bedroom.” “You have got to be kidding me,” Danny said as he entered his son’s room. Mia blushed and Zac gripped her hand tighter. “Danny,” Mia said. “I’m sorry, I thought it was a guest room. It was an honest mistake, I am so sorry.” Danny looked at Mia who looked like she was ready to cry, “It’s alright, Mia.” Danny pulled the sheets off tossed them onto the floor. “Let’s go downstairs,” Zac said as they walked down the steps. “It’s alright, baby, don’t worry about it.” “I am so embarrassed,” Mia replied as they went back to the party. Kayla stood across the room and stared at Brayden as Harry talked to Matt and Wayne about the game from the night before. Brayden went outside on the patio and Kayla stood up. Opening the patio door, she silently closed it behind her and walked up next to Brayden. “Hey,” she said. “Why have you been ignoring me?” Brayden just stared out into the night and didn’t say anything. “Come on, Brayden, please say something. I like your costume, you look really great in it. It suits you, you know you’re cute and really sweet. Any girl would be lucky to have you.” Brayden ignored her and she sighed before walking back into the house. Brayden heard the door slam and he closed his eyes before taking a deep breath. “Fuck,” he said slamming his fist down on the wooden railing. He went back into the house and looked around the party for Kayla but he didn’t see her or Harry anywhere. “Dude, what’s wrong,” Luke asked his brother. “Have you seen Kayla?” “She left with Harry about two minutes ago,” Claude replied. “What did you do?” “I ignored her when she tried talking to me and I feel like shit.” “You like her, don’t you,” Luke asked. “I don’t like her,” Brayden lied. “Dude, you totally do or else you wouldn’t be all pissy right now wondering where she went with Zolnierczyk,” Claude said. “I gotta call her,” Brayden said pulling out his phone. “I don’t know what to say.” “We’ll talk you through it,” Claude replied. “Just take a deep breath.” Kayla moaned as she rode Harry in the front seat of her car on the secluded rode going back to Philadelphia from New Jersey. Her phone was ringing inside of her purse but she didn’t hear it as Harry groaned every time he bottomed out inside of her. “God, Harry,” she moaned as he reached between them and ran his fingers over her slit. “God, that feels so fucking good.” Harry sat up and took her breasts in his mouth and held her close to him as they both reached their peaks. Kayla collapsed on top of him and they made out like two horny teenagers as they waited to recover so they could go another round. “Hey, you’ve reached Kayla, sorry I can’t answer the phone right now. Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Bye.” “Kayla, it’s me,” Brayden said. “Look, I’m sorry for being an asshole.” Claude gave him a thumbs up, “It’s just I really like you and I’m pissed that Harry got to you before I even had the chance to tell you how I felt. I’m upset you’re not available anymore because I really, really like you. Please call me whenever you get this and talk to me. I’m so sorry. Anyways, have a goodnight.” “I’m proud of you,” Luke said. “She’ll call back.” “If she doesn’t, it’s her loss, not yours,” Claude said and Brayden thanked his brother and his friend for the advice. The ball was in Kayla’s court, it was up to her to capitalize on the opportunity because Brayden was done trying.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Chapter 3-Young and Wreckless

Mia glared at Zac as he laughed while she was showing him her Halloween costume. "I'm sorry," he said in between laughter. "It's just I wasn't expecting this from you." "What the hell is that supposed to mean," she asked getting even more pissed off than she already was. "Nothing," Zac replied. "Well, it has to mean something if you said it so just fucking tell me." Zac sighed as he turned to look at her, "Can you take the costume off first so I can think straight?" "Fuck you," she spat walking back into the closet to change back into her clothes. "Keep laughing, asshole," she whispered to herself. "Just wait until you see your costume." Mia smirked as she pulled her t-shirt over her head and walked back into the bedroom. Zac was sitting against the headboard watching something on TV. "Why is the costume such a big deal to you," Mia asked sitting down at the vanity table. "Honestly, why is it so funny that I thought of it?" Zac grabbed the remote and turned off the TV before going to the end of the bed to face her, "Don't take this the wrong way; but baby, you're kind of a prude." "Well, sorry I'm not slutty enough for you." "I didn't mean it like that, it's just I can barely get a blow job out of you and you pick a costume like that." "Are you serious," Mia asked. "You never once have asked me to." "I shouldn't fucking have to," Zac snapped. "You should just do it." "Alright, you want a blow job," Mia snapped. "Take your pants off." "Mia," Zac sighed. "Shut the fuck up, take your pants off." Zac looked at her as she stood up and walked over to him. She pushed him back roughly on the bed and worked on his belt before she tugged his pants roughly down his legs. Zac gasped as Mia worked him in her hand until he was hard and she took him in her mouth. "Fuck, baby," he hissed grabbing a handful of her hair as she worked her tongue around his tip before taking him completely in her mouth as best as she could. "Mmm," Mia moaned causing Zac to throw his head back and growl as Mia worked him with her hand. "Holy sh-," he said as she swallowed the load that he shot into her mouth. "Oh fuck, baby." Mia sat up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand before looking up at him. Zac smiled and went to kiss her but she pushed him away and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Zac thought he heard a loud sob before the front door of the house slammed shut. Zac stood up and pulled his pants back around his waist before he looked out of the window and saw Mia's car backing out of the driveway. Grabbing his phone, he dialed her number but he heard the phone ring in the closet. "Shit," he yelled as he grabbed her phone and stormed out of the closet. Zac felt bad for what had happened but he didn't regret it not one bit. Mia cried the whole way to Kayla’s dorm room on the campus of Villanova University. Zac had made her feel like a whore and at the present time she hated him. As Mia pulled into the parking spot, she grabbed her license out of her purse for the guard inside to hold on to while she was there. Villanova was strict on who entered the dorms and who didn’t but since she was frequently there, the guard knew her but she still have to have her ID so he didn’t lose his job. “Hello Miss Mia,” he greeted as she entered the door. “Are you ok?” “I’m fine,” she lied as she signed her name in the visitor’s log and headed towards the elevator. She walked down the hall towards Kayla’s room and knocked on the door. Kayla groaned as she pulled away from the make-out session that was going on in her room. “Maybe you should answer that,” he whispered as Kayla leaned down to kiss him again when the knocking resumed. “It’s probably the guys from downstairs who want in my roommate’s pants. They’ll go away.” Kayla moaned as he bit down on her neck when the knocking resumed again. “What the fuck,” she shouted as she jumped up from his lap and walked over to the door. “Is this a bad time,” Mia asked as Kayla answered the door out of breath. “Mia,” she chuckled nervously. “What are you doing here?” “Zac and I got into a really bad fight and I really need to talk to you.” “Come in,” Kayla said coming in the door. Harry Zolnierczyk stood up from the bed, “Hey Mia,” he smiled as he walked over to Kayla. “Harry,” Mia asked questioningly before looking at Kayla. “What are you doing here?” “I was just leaving,” he said before smiling down at Kayla. “I’ll give you a call later.” He quickly kissed Kayla and headed down the hall to the elevator and Mia glared at Kayla. “Really of all people, Harry,” Mia asked. “He’s really sweet.” Mia scoffed, “He’s a fucking jackass. Did he tell you about the video from when he was in juniors?” “Yeah, he filmed an underage girl and his teammate having sex. He told me.” “…and you’re ok with that? I thought you were talking to Brayden.” “He never texted me back after the club, so Harry and I started going out.” “He’s not going to change.” “That’s funny coming from you,” Kayla snapped. “Zac cheats with every fucking girl in this town and in every city they go to and you are going to stand there and tell me about Harry. At least he was honest with me from the get go and doesn’t have me so fucking wrapped around his finger that I believe every word he says.” “You know what, Kayla, fuck you,” Mia said as she opened the door. “I came here to fucking tell you that I was thinking about dumping Zac but you fucking kept the fact that you are dating one of his best friends from me. Just do me a favor and call me when you aren’t such a self centered bitch.” Mia slammed the door behind her and grabbed her ID from the guard at the desk and sat in her car and cried. She reached into her purse to grab her phone and realized she had left it in the closet back at the house she shared with Zac. Mia sighed as she put the car in reverse and drove back to New Jersey. When Mia got home, Zac was sitting on the couch playing NHL 12. Mia walked into their room and shut the door. She went into the bathroom and wiped the make-up from her face. She let the hot water run in the tub and sat down on the toilet. She wiped the tears away from her eyes and got into the hot water. She leaned her head against the wall and closed her eyes. Zac sighed as he placed the controller on the table and got up to walk to their bedroom. He sighed as he opened the door and heard the whimpers from the bathroom. “Fuck,” he said before stripping his clothes off. He stood up from the bed and walked into the bathroom and lifted Mia out of the tub before placing her between his legs in the tub. “I am sorry,” he whispered as she stiffened in his arms. “I was an asshole earlier. I love you, Mia.” He kissed her temple and hugged her closer to his body. Mia cried softly in his arms and Zac whispered sweet nothings in her ear. “I’m tired of fighting Zac and I’m tired of Kayla telling me that you are cheating on me. I want you to look me in my eyes right now and tell me that you love me and only me. I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me that you are not cheating and that everything is a lie.” Mia turned in his arms and looked him in the eyes. Zac kissed her softly before putting his forehead to hers. “I love you and only you. I would never cheat on you. Everything that Kayla says is to get back at me. You have always been there for me and I never know how to repay you. I’m sorry that I’m not the best boyfriend at times but I love you. What I said earlier was completely uncalled for but let’s be honest, that blow job was amazing.” Mia laughed softly and Zac kissed her lips. “I love you.” “I love you too, Zac,” she said before he ran his hands through her hair and she fell asleep in his arms. Zac carefully lifted her out of the water and wrapped her in a towel. He put one of his t-shirts over her body and laid in bed next to her. He watched her sleep for a little while before he turned the light. He looked up at the ceiling and for the first time in a long time, bowed his head to pray. “God, please help me be a better person. Not only for her but because she doesn’t deserve what I’ve been doing to her. I’m so sorry for everything.” Mia woke up later that night and Zac was still sleeping. She carefully removed herself from his arms and walked over to her desk before she started working on her homework. Zac woke up a short time later and wrapped his arms around her neck, “Come back to sleep,” he whispered in her ear. “Are you ok for dinner if I go talk to Kayla?” “Yeah,” he said. “I’ll call for Chinese.” “I’ll be back.” Mia drove to Kayla’s dorm and she debated whether or not to go in. She was still hurt but if she could forgive her boyfriend that easily, she could forgive her best friend, right? Kayla keeping a relationship a secret was better than Zac’s secret of sleeping with every woman in town, Mia just hoped Zac wasn’t lying to her.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chapter 2-Lying Eyes

"Are we still going out tonight," Mia asked as she finished her make-up in the bathroom mirror while Zac took a shower.

"Whatever you want to do," he replied as the water turned off. "Can you hand me a towel?"

Mia reached up on the rack and grabbed one, handing it to him.

"Thank you," he said pressing himself into her towel clad back as he wrapped his arms around her.

Mia smiled at their reflection in the mirror before leaning her head back to give him a kiss. Zac tried to open the towel that she was wearing but Mia smiled at him, "You already got yours this morning."

Zac groaned as he buried his face in her hair, "You're a tease."

"I'm a tease," Mia asked. "You're wearing a towel too."

"Touché," he smiled turning her to face him. Mia giggled as Zac pinched her side before claiming her lips with his own.

"I love you," she said when they pulled apart.

"Me too," he smiled as she went back to putting her make-up on. "Do you want me to drop you off at the mall on my way to the rink?"

"Kayla's going to pick me up. She is going shopping too, so I'd figure that I would just go with her."

"That whore."


"What? She is a whore, I hate her."

"What did she ever do to you?"

"She exists, that's what she did to me."

Mia rolled her eyes as she pulled her bra over her shoulders, "You are an asshole."

“Why do you have to go shopping with her? She is such a fucking slut!”

“Will you two just get along?”

“Yeah, that’ll be the day.”

“She’s my best friend and you’re my boyfriend, I want you two to get along.”

“I was your best friend before she was.”

“What are we five?”

“I’m just saying, I know you better than she does. I think you should find a new friend.”

“I think you need to stop acting like a three year old.”

“It’s not my fault that I don’t like her.”

“I don’t like some of your friends but at least I get along with them, just drop it and ease up on her.”

Zac rolled his eyes as Mia pulled her jeans over her hips, “Keep rolling your eyes and they’ll get lost in your eyebrows.”

Zac laughed before throwing his towel at her, “I hate you.”

Mia smirked as she grabbed her purse and her phone from the bedside table, “Get dressed, I’ll go make breakfast.”

Zac sat down at the kitchen table and watched Mia while she cooked, "Here," Zac said reaching into his pocket, "Take this with you when you go shopping."

"Zac," she scolded. "No!"

"When we moved here, I promised that I'd take care of you. Take the money."

"You know I hate taking your money."

Zac stood up from the table and wrapped his arms around her, "...but you know I love when you spend it because it makes me feel important."

Mia smiled as Zac tucked the credit card in her back pocket, "I'm not using it."

"Keep it there in case of an emergency."

Zac looked at the clock on the stove, "Thanks for breakfast, I gotta go. Want to meet up for lunch?"

Mia shook her head, "We'll be shopping for a while so we'll probably just grab something somewhere. Maybe some other time," she said knowing her and Zac would never go. They never went out in public just the two of them; it was always with other people.

Mia sighed as she gave him a kiss causing Zac to ask her if she was ok.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine," she lied. "Just tired."

"Get some sleep if you come home early, I'm coming home to take a nap too. We were up pretty late last night," he smirked causing Mia to blush.

"I'll be home at four," she replied. "What time are we leaving for the bar?"

"Probably around eight, is that ok?"

"Yeah, it is. It gives me time to nap, have a good practice. I love you.”

Zac smiled, "I love you too, Mia," he said out loud so he could get what he wanted later. He only told Mia he loved her when he wanted sex. Any other time she said it, he'd reply "me too" and leave it at that.

Zac was backing out of the driveway when Kayla sped down the street blocking him in, "What the fuck, bitch?"

"Suck it the fuck up," she said laying on the horn. Mia came out of the house and rolled her eyes at Kayla and Zac who were bickering.

"Move that piece of shit out of the way, whore."

"At least I can fit in this piece of shit, fat ass," Kayla said as Zac talked about her car.

"I am not fat, you anorexic whore."

"Oink, oink," Kayla snorted.

"Fuck you! I'll run your fucking car over."

"I'd like to see you try, fuck face."

"Both of you, shut up," Mia said as she slammed the door to Kayla's car. Kayla sat there fixing her hair and her make-up making Zac even more pissed than he already was.

"Are you fucking serious," Zac asked getting out of his car. "I have to be at practice or I can't play tomorrow."

"You're always scratched anyways," Kayla said as she finished her eyeliner.

"KAYLA," Mia said. "That was harsh."

"Let her go, baby," Zac said leaning in the window giving Mia a kiss. "All that glitters isn't gold."

"Kind of like your non-existent Stanley Cup ring," Kayla chirped.

"Kind of like your ugly face," Zac replied. "You hide behind the layers of make-up. No guy wants an ugly whore who is terrible in bed. Why do you think Tommy broke up with you in high school?"

"Zac," Mia snapped. "Enough is enough. Get in your car and go to practice."

Kayla sped off down the street, "I honestly have no idea why you stay with him. He is seriously the biggest asshole."

Mia just shook her head and looked out the window, “I love him.”

“He treats you like shit,” Kayla said. “He doesn’t know how to treat people. He treats you like shit and look at what he said to me.”

“Don’t listen to him, you’re gorgeous and any guy would be lucky to have you.”

Later on that night Zac, Mia, and Kayla headed to a little bar in Old City called “Sugar Mom’s.” It was a small bar hidden among the hustle and bustle of the old neighborhood. Zac chose it because of the Pac-man pinball machines.

“How old are you,” Mia asked when they walked through the door. “Why didn’t we just go to Dave and Buster’s?”

“…or Chuck E. Cheese,” Kayla said. “They have a ball pit for Zac to play in and they even have pizza and beer plus he can win toys.”

“Go get fucked,” Zac said as he led them to the back of the bar.

“You go get fucked.”

“I do,” he smirked kissing Mia.

“You’re disgusting.”

“You’re a disgusting whore.”

“I seriously have had enough of you two today, just shut the fuck up,” Mia snapped causing the two of them to stop bickering. “You two hate each other, I get that; but honestly just shut the fuck up and try to get along for one night or I am going home.”

“What the hell has gotten into you today,” Zac asked.

“I’m tired of you two fighting all of the time. You both say hurtful things to each other then one tries to outdo the other. Seriously, it’s annoying.”

“What do you want to drink,” Zac asked as they sat down at the table with his teammates.

“Vodka and orange juice,” Mia replied.

“Anything for you, princess?”

“How about a big cup of shut the fuck up,” Kayla smirked standing up to go get her own drink at the bar.

Scott Hartnell laughed at the end of the table, “She’s a firecracker. Who is she?”

“She’s a bitch,” Zac replied.

Mia rolled her eyes, “That’s my best friend from back home, Kayla. She goes to Villanova.”

“She’s funny,” Matt Read replied. “I met her at your house before.”

“She’s poison,” Zac said.

“Zac, shut up,” Mia said glaring at him. “Honestly, just stop.”

Kayla came back over to the table and fell into conversation with Harry Zolnierczyk about how annoying Zac is. Zac rolled his eyes as he took a swig of his beer listening to Harry and Kayla talk about him being annoying.

Zac wrapped his arm around Mia's chair and kissed her shoulder, "I'm sorry for being a douche bag. I had a rough day and I took it out on her, which upset you."

"You owe her the apology, not me. Two wrongs don't make a right, Zac."

Zac nodded his head before taking another drink of his beer. Kayla pulled Mia by the hands and led her to the dance floor where they started dancing. Zac fell into conversation with his teammates and would occasionally look at his girlfriend who was having a blast with her best friend. Although he hated Kayla, he knew she made Mia happy and she was a great friend who always looked out for her.

Zac smirked as Harry pointed out Mia turning away a guy that tried dancing with her. Once she pointed to Zac, the guy swallowed hard and backed off not wanting any parts of the guy who was slowly making himself a name as an enforcer for the Flyers.

Mia came back and Kayla took the chair that she was sitting in. Max Talbot had joined them and took the seat that Kayla had occupied earlier. Zac opened his arms and Mia sat in his lap before starting a conversation with the Frenchman. Kayla watched as Zac scanned the room with his eyes. She pretended to be looking at her phone as she watched him stare shamelessly at the blonde tramp on the dance floor while Mia talked with Claude Giroux and Max Talbot.

Kayla kicked Zac under the table breaking his eye-fuck session with the skank, “Stop kicking me, bitch.”

“Quit eye-fucking that whore on the dance floor while your girlfriend is on your lap and maybe I wouldn’t have to kick you.”

“I was not,” Zac lied.

“What are you two fighting about now,” Hartnell asked.

“This pig over here was eye-fucking another girl as she danced like a whore on the dance floor while his GIRLFRIEND was on his lap.”

“Zac,” Mia said questioningly. “What were you doing?”

“I wasn’t doing anything,” he lied. “I was watching her make an ass out of herself.”

Harry looked at his roommate and rolled his eyes before smirking at Hartnell who shook his head in disbelief at how easy Mia allowed him to get away with things.

“Is he serious,” Giroux whispered to Talbot who smiled like a cat who swallowed a canary.

“I need a girl like her who will buy my lies, maybe I’d keep a girlfriend like that,” Max smirked causing Kayla to roll her eyes.

“All of you Flyers are the same,” she said before turning to Mia. “You can believe his lies but I’m heading home. I have a test to study for tomorrow and I am tired. Call me when you get home.”

Mia stood up to hug Kayla, “Want me to give you a ride back?”

“I will flag a taxi down out front or take the subway back, I’m fine; but Mia he was eyeing that girl. I wouldn’t lie to you about something like that.”

Mia stood there not knowing what to say. Kayla smiled and slapped Zac in the back of his head as hard as she could before heading towards the entrance.

“Cunt,” he said as Mia glared at him before sitting in the empty chair next to him.

“Are you ok, sweetie,” Hartnell asked.

“I’m fine, Scottie,” she replied. “Thanks for asking.”

“Are you going to sit there and pout all fucking night now,” Zac asked.

“I’ll do whatever the fuck I want,” she replied glaring at him before asking Harry something.

Kayla was walking out of the bar while texting her roommate. The door swung open and she looked up briefly before smiling at the blue eyed man with light brown hair.

“Thank you,” she smiled as he held the door open for her.

“You’re welcome.”

The door shut behind her and Kayla was halfway down the street before she turned around and walked back into the bar. She noticed that Mia was back on Zac’s lap and she rolled her eyes at how easily Mia forgave him again. Kayla sat down in the chair that she was previously sitting in and Zac groaned.

“I thought your ass was leaving.”

“I thought you were going home,” Mia said.

“I changed my mind,” Kayla replied, “Some hot piece of ass held the door open for me and I figured I’d turn around and get me some.”

“He ought to be nuts for touching you,” Zac said causing Mia to elbow his chest.

“She ought to be nuts for touching you,” Kayla fired back. “I bet she has to finish herself off because your small dick doesn’t satisfy her.”

A string of “Oooohhhhhh,” came from around the table and Max high fived Kayla.

“I like her,” he grinned as Kayla suddenly moaned out loud.

“Why, hello gorgeous,” she said grinning at the man who held the door open for her as he made his way to the table.

“Who are you looking at,” Mia asked as Kayla pointed in the direction of Brayden Schenn.

“That sex pot right there,” Kayla said.

“You mean Brayden,” Mia asked.

“Do you know him?”

“He’s teammates with Zac.”

“Well, it looks like you need to introduce us.”

“Like I would let him date your ass,” Zac replied.

“What’s up guys,” Brayden asked pulling up a chair from a table behind him.

“Hey Schenner,” the guys said. Kayla looked at Mia who smiled.

“Who’s the girl with Zac and Mia,” he asked Hartnell who nudged Harry.

“He wants to know who she is,” Harry whispered.

“Brayden, this is Kayla. Kayla, this is Brayden. Kayla’s my best friend from back home in Ontario.”

“It’s nice to meet you.”

“Trust me,” Kayla said shaking his hand, “The pleasure is all mine.”

Zac rolled his eyes as the two seemed to get to know each other.

“You’re not drinking tonight,” Kayla asked Brayden who laughed at the drunk guy on the dance floor.

“I can’t.”


“I’m only 20.”

“I’ll buy you one.”

“I can’t let you do that; I’ll look like a total douche.”

“The only douche at this table is Zac.”

“I’ll have a Molson,” Brayden said smiling. “But I owe you one.”

Kayla stood up and headed to the bar with Zac watching her. Zac turned to his teammate, “I’m telling you man, don’t fall for her.”

“She seems nice.”

“She’s the fucking devil with the red dress on.”

“She can’t be that bad, Mia is amazing and I can’t picture her associating with someone who was a total bitch.”

“That’s where you’re wrong.”

“Zac, will you just let it go,” Mia asked.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you, bro,” Zac said catching Mia’s lips with his own.

The other guys were all in shock that Zac was having a PDA with his girlfriend. It was no secret online that he cheated on her. There were pictures of him in a mirror with just his sweatpants, one where his hand was in his pocket and you could almost see everything that he had to offer. The guys knew he cheated but he was their teammate and they couldn’t rat him out no matter how hard they tried.

Kayla returned setting Brayden’s beer in front of him, “There you go,” she smiled as she sat down. She turned to asked Mia a question and saw Zac’s tongue enter Mia’s mouth. She shivered, “Mia, you will probably get sick if you keep kissing him like that. Herpes spreads like wildfire.”

“You should know, you gave it to every guy in high school”

“Zac, I could say a lot of positive things about you right now but the only thing I could come up with is that you’re HIV.”

“Fuck you.”

“No thanks.”

Brayden and Kayla exchanged numbers at the end of the night agreeing to hang out sometime. Zac made his way out of the club holding onto Mia’s hand. Zac walked by the blonde that he had been staring at earlier and slipped a piece of paper in her hand, winking and walking away with no shame while Mia once again remained completely oblivious.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chapter 1-100 Proof

Mia sighed as she left another message on Zac’s cell phone. She had been trying to get a hold of him for the last hour and a half. He was supposed to pick her up after her classes were done for the day but he has almost two hours late. Mia sighed as she sent him a text message before she finished the homework that she was working on.

Mia busied herself with more homework before her phone rang breaking her away from the homework that she realized she was already an hour in to.


“Hey babe, it’s me,” Zac said. “Sorry I missed your calls; I came home from practice and fell asleep.”

“You are almost three hours late picking me up,” she replied. “Where are you?”

“I’m on my way to get you now, I’m sorry.”

“I’ll be waiting out front, text me when you get here.”

“Will do,” Zac replied pulling his pants up before turning to the blonde that was next to him. “I have to go,” he said.

She smirked as she fixed her boobs in her push-up bra, “Girlfriend?”

“Yeah,” he smirked before giving her one last kiss.

“Call me,” she smiled before Zac shut the door of the apartment and headed towards Temple University to pick up his girlfriend. Mia was completely oblivious to the fact that Zac was cheating on her and Zac was good at both lying and covering his tracks.

“I’m almost there,” he said when Mia answered the phone. “Are you ready?”

Mia laughed sarcastically, “I’ve been ready. I’ll be out front.”

Zac rolled his eyes as he ended the button on his cell phone before speeding off down the freeway. Chances are if he was pulled over, he could play the “I play for the Flyers, how many tickets would you like?” card and get out of a ticket.

Zac knew cheating on Mia was wrong but it was so easy to get away with it when she wouldn’t find out that he just continued doing it. He would talk to girls online when he was on the road and he would out to clubs with his teammates and have one night stands with girls he would never see again. Being home in Philadelphia was different, he and Mia shared a townhouse on the outskirts of the city in New Jersey and he would wait until she left for school then sneak off to houses of girls he met at practice or bars in town when Mia would stay home to study.

Zac and Mia had been together since they were 17. They went to grade school together and became good friends shortly after Zac fought a kid that was picking on Mia on the school bus. Ever since that day, they were inseparable. Zac made the first move at their high school prom.

Mia didn’t want to go but Zac insisted that since they were seniors and she didn’t go the previous year that she had to. They were sitting at the table laughing and making fun of their classmates dancing when a slow song came on and Zac asked Mia to dance.

“Far Away” by Nickelback was playing at the hotel ballroom that they were at in downtown Toronto and Zac had his arms around Mia’s waist. Mia smiled up at Zac when she turned her attention away from her best friend Kayla who was kissing her date.

“So much for her not liking him, eh,” Mia said causing Zac to laugh.

“I always knew she was a slut,” he said causing Mia to slap his shoulder playfully.

“Be nice,” she replied as Zac smiled before bringing her closer to him. “What are you doing,” she asked as he got closer.

“Please don’t push me away when I do this,” he said as he got closer to her and leaned down to kiss her lips. They stopped moving and just stood there holding on to each other kissing until the song ended and “Get Low” by Lil Jon and the East Side Boys started blaring loudly around them.

“What was that for,” Mia asked as she pulled away.

Zac smiled not letting her go, “I love you,” he whispered.


“I love you, Mia.”

“Zac, come on you’re my best friend. Don’t say that.”

“What is so wrong with it? We’ve been together every day for the last 12 years. When we became freshmen here, I saw you change. You weren’t just the little girl I hiked in the woods with and lit sacks of dog poop on fire in people’s yards with anymore. You were everything to me.”

Mia gasped as Zac pulled her into a hug, “Forget that I ever said anything,” he whispered. “I’ll be upstairs.”

Zac’s parents had rented him and Mia a hotel room since they didn’t have to drive all the way back to Mississauga.

“I love you too.”

“Don’t just say that because you feel like you have to.”

“I am not just saying it. God, I’ve been in love with you since we were twelve.”

Zac laughed before pulling her to him, “Do you really mean it?”

“Yes,” Mia replied. “I love you.”

“Let’s get out of here,” he said grabbing her hand and his suit jacket before heading up to their room.

Zac sighed as he pulled up to the curb. He remembered the night he told Mia that he loved her very well. They hadn’t slept together that night but they came close to it after a heated make-out session turned into clothes on the floor and Mia panting Zac’s name as he used his mouth and his fingers to please her.

Mia had shocked him that night. She was raised in a strict Catholic household and her parents were against them even sharing a hotel room that night. They had kept it a secret for months that they were dating because they knew her parents would flip.

“Finally,” Mia said as she opened the door to Zac’s car.

“Hello to you too,” he snapped.

“You’re late.”

“Ha no shit,” he replied. “I told you that I fell asleep.”

“Did you not hear your phone? I called you five times.”

“I forgot to take my phone off vibrate when I left the arena. It’s no big deal.”

“No big deal,” Mia laughed. “Honestly, I waited almost three hours for you.”

“Why didn’t you call that bitch best friend of yours?”

“That bitch has a name,” Mia snapped.

“Fine, why didn’t you call Kayla?”

“She had a game today.”

“You mean someone actually let her ass play on their softball team?”

“She did come to Villanova on a scholarship.”

“Well, isn’t she special?”

“Shut up,” Mia snapped. “You’re still late.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” Zac said leaning closer to her. “Forgive me?”

“I think that can be arranged,” she whispered as their lips met.

Zac smiled as they drove through the streets of Philadelphia back to their house. They had plans to meet up with some of his teammates later at a club in Philadelphia. It was Friday and Mia had the night off work and the entire weekend off. As they pulled up to the house, Mia smiled at the life she had with Zac. They weren’t perfect by any means but they loved each other. Mia smiled as Zac flopped down on the couch to play Xbox while she made dinner.

Zac knew she didn’t suspect anything and he planned on keeping it that way. What she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her as long as he kept coming home to her, right?